The CDC “Highlights” Opiate guidelines


The Opiate Crisis. What a toll it has taken on not only my health and well being, but the health and even lives of countless individuals across the United States. The CDC just issued a warning and apology against the misuse of the guidelines that so many doctors and pharmacists have been treating like the law. The thing is, it is not a guideline if people from the CDC are actually coming to the doctors offices and checking in on them. Continue reading

The Dilemma in Leaving the House: Poll Results


What hinders you the most in being able to leave the house? The answer I received on this poll was pain and anxiety.¬†As we explored in my “The Missing Link?” blog post, anxiety has a huge affect on chronic illness and pain. It is difficult to leave the house in pain and it is hard to go out when you are anxious. When they are both combined, now that is a doozy of a problem to deal with. Continue reading

Managing Friendships When You Are Chronically Ill

Keeping friends when you are chronically ill is difficult to say the least. We all know that, especially towards the beginning, many friends are going to leave. Continue reading