Pole Vaulting Over Ethical Boundaries with Dr. Phil


Apparently people are not allowed to date, marry, or even be with a person with a different ability level than them. According to a recent Dr. Phil episode titled “I Swiped Right on My Quadriplegic Boyfriend,” the famous “therapist” starts off asking the couple featured, in whom the woman was able-bodied, questions. Dr. Phil slams her with the thought of why she a,”young, single, attractive female” Continue reading

Sometimes You Just Need To Scream

 I woke up in screaming pain today after an outing with my friend yesterday. Did we go clubbing, dancing, or maybe to the mall? Continue reading

Challenging Those Negative Thoughts

Just like in the picture above, our minds like to get into a cycle of negative thinking. The question is why? Why are we all prone to get stuck on negative thoughts than onto positive ones? Continue reading