Finding Our Beauty Within the Standards


I’ve just realized that I do not know how the word beauty is officially defined.  Merriam Webster’s describes it as the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. This is the first result that displays under the word beauty on their page. So beauty obviously is the qualities that “gives pleasure” to someone else. What I find interesting however, is the attention that this description gives to the mental and spiritual aspect of beauty. Continue reading

Virginia’s Making Big Strides for Mental Health


On Monday, the 18th of March, Virginia completed a bill put in action by previous Gov. Terry McAuliffe to make all Community Health Services provide same day access for mental health. There are 40 locations in total that are publicly funded and offer this same day service for adults and children alike. Continue reading

When Anxiety and Excitement Collide


Isn’t it just great when you get some exciting news, but it throws you into a panic attack? Ahh, while I just sit here sipping my non-existent cup of coffee, I’m just appreciating my deep love for anxiety. In case that wasn’t clear, that was sarcasm. Continue reading

The Dilemma in Leaving the House: Poll Results


What hinders you the most in being able to leave the house? The answer I received on this poll was pain and anxiety. As we explored in my “The Missing Link?” blog post, anxiety has a huge affect on chronic illness and pain. It is difficult to leave the house in pain and it is hard to go out when you are anxious. When they are both combined, now that is a doozy of a problem to deal with. Continue reading

Buying My Disability

da money2.jpg

A huge cheating ring was busted two days ago by the Federal Authorities in what is being called the biggest College Admissions Scam to ever be prosecuted. The ones caught cheating were not students, no, they were indeed the rich parents who are accused of bribing over $25 million to different to different coaches, proctors, and through college donations. If this is not bad enough, through the investigation, it is being found out that parents were telling their kids to lie so they could recieve disability benefits for testing purposes. Continue reading

The Missing Link?


Chronic Illness and Anxiety are known to go hand in hand with eachother. I can understand that anxiety follows chronic illness as a reaction to dealing with the sudden change of lifestyle, as I personally deal with this. However, what about when anxiety is a precursor to falling chronically ill? Continue reading

The Exhaustion of Self-Care and What I Did About It

Many times chronic and mental illnesses will impede on our ability to take care of our own needs. The fatigue, brain fog, pain and the like overtakes the want to do daily things. Continue reading

Challenging Those Negative Thoughts

Just like in the picture above, our minds like to get into a cycle of negative thinking. The question is why? Why are we all prone to get stuck on negative thoughts than onto positive ones? Continue reading

The Start of a New Journey

I have decided to start a blog! That should be obvious by now, since you are on my blog, but it is a huge step for me. I decided to call this blog The Chronically Unimaginable, Continue reading