My Top Related Causes


I have had the opportunity to partner with the amazing Ruby from Chronically Cute Cards. She sends out cards that are handmade and personalized to those who have physical and mental illnesses of any type. The cards are free, but she does accept donations to help with supply costs. Friends and relatives can even get a card to be sent to their chronically ill loved ones. To learn more, visit or her twitter @chr0nicallycute. You can also find out more on my blog post I wrote linked here.


Meet BearHugs, the company I was recently able to work with. Faye, the founder of this company, had received a care package from a friend and it sparked an idea to do the same for other chronically ill people. This company has expanded to sell gift/care boxes to others and donates one to a very sick person for every 50 “hugs” they sell. To find out more about BearHugs, you can go their website Check out their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can find out more on a blog post I wrote linked here.


I recently had the opportunity to work with AWARE causes, a company raising awareness for many different conditions. They make necklaces in different colors that correspond with a specific disease’s awareness ribbon. The founder Pierson Williams, started this effort to raise awareness for mental health. When people saw the necklace he had on, they asked if he had one for their specific condition. While he didn’t at the time, he got to work. AWARE causes will help you raise awareness by giving the opportunity to share your individual story behind your necklace. 10% of the proceeds will also be donated to a charity based on raising awareness for the disease you picked. To find out more, you can visit their website Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also read more in a blog post I wrote linked here.


I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to work with one of my best friends, Claire form Chronically Beautiful! She handmakes fleece blankets and hosts a giveaway for them every other week. The blankets are sent completely free of charge (in the U.S only). Claire even sends blankets to people she thinks needs them, regardless of the giveaway and finds great joy in doing so. As a recipient of such blanket, I know how lovely the surprise is. To find out how you can enter the giveaways or to donate to the cause, visit her blog. Also check out her Instagram (where she hosts the giveaways) and her Facebook page. You can read more into how to enter the giveaways and what other things she is doing on a blog post I wrote here.