How I’m Getting Involved


I am an ambassador for the Chronic Disease Coalition. Using my blog and subsequent social media pages, I help to raise awareness against the discrimination found in the healthcare system. This discrimination may be direct, found in dealing with insurance, or difficulty in accessing treatment and medication. My goal is to bring to light these issues and to help others like myself. You can find out more about this organization here.


I am a brand ambassador for Ivye Wear. Ivye Wear is a company that provides comfortable and accessible clothing for chronic illness patients. Their goal is to make treatments and testing more comfortable while simultaneously being fashion forward. My purpose as a brand ambassador is to help inspire those around the world with my story as a chronic and mental illness warrior. You can find out more about Ivye Wear here.


I am a Contributor on the Mighty. The Mighty’s purpose is to share stories about a large number of chronic and mental health conditions. Stories that are accepted are often based on recent news or raising awareness. The Mighty is a contributor based site, meaning that viewers can submit stories about a topic of their choice to be published. I have been published and shared on their site a number of times. You can find out more about this organization here.