About Me

My name is Jordyn and I started this blog to connect with others about living with chronic illnesses. I began my chronic illness journey when I was 14 years old and have been on quite a ride ever since. As of 2019, I am 8 years into this wild adventure. For most of this time, I was alone and without support from others who could relate to what I was going through. Our road is littered with pit falls, traps, and mountains that we must trek through. This arduous journey is only made easier with the loving support and guidance of fellow warriors along the way.

The purpose of this blog is to be able to connect with others who are in a similar boat as you are. With the strength of God, I have been able to get through each day, no matter how depressed I felt or how much pain I was in. My commitment is to show others a different perspective on life with chronic illnesses, mental health conditions, and disabilities. I am here to help inspire, chat, love, learn, and to grow with all of you.

Since starting ‘The Chronically Unimaginable’ at the end of February (2019), I have been exposed to the world of spreading awareness. While my initial purpose was to create a community, I have expanded it to exposing discrimination and breaking down stigma. There are many injustices that the chronic illness, mental health, and disability communities have to face. Many of us have to fight to live and to get any sort of treatment at all. It is my mission to help my fellow spoonies through these tough times (as I experience them as well). Only a community so discriminated against, can come together to fight back for the right to live.

Not only do I contribute on my blog, but to the communities on Instagram and Twitter as well. The individuals there have been a source of tremendous support for me, often helping me get through the toughest of days. My aim is to bring the kindness, love, support, as well as my fighting spirit with me everywhere I go. ‘The Chronically Unimaginable’ is a community of warriors fighting, people supporting, and others learning. Besides the blog, you can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Will you join the Un-imaginables?

“Find a way and make it happen: I’ve always been the type of person who couldn’t rest until I found a way to make something happen. If I couldn’t go around the rock, I’d find a way to go over it or under it or through it.”

– Joy Mangano

Some Fun Facts About Me…

I have a service dog named Minnie. She is a Miniature Pinscher mix who weighs around 29 pounds. We rescued her from a nearby shelter and I trained her myself to become a service dog. She wakes me up during my PTSD nightmares/terrors and sleeps pushed up against me. I have found it helpful to be able to take her with me to out of town doctor appointments and to hotels at night. Minnie likes to lay on my lap everyday and provides a calming pressure therapy for me. I couldn’t imagine my life without my Minnie.

A few things about me that you should know is that I’m obsessed with the color turquoise, am an absolute bookworm (I smell the pages as well), and love dogs. I’m honestly kind of surprised that I have made a blog, as I am an extremely shy person in real life and find it hard to talk to people that I do not know. I am also homebound and only get out of the house to go to doctor appointments. This means I live my entire life online. I couldn’t ask for better though!

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The Chronically Unimaginable has been listed on Feedspot’s ‘Top 100 Chronic Illness Blogs & Websites’!