Chronic Illness Linkup: May Edition


May’s Chronic Illness Linkup by A Chronic Voice has started! I enjoyed participating in last month’s linkup so much that I decided to make this a monthly thing. It seemed like you all appreciated it as well, so why not? The topics for this month are regrouping, investigating, boosting, setting, and reviving. In case this is your first time here, let me quickly explain what a linkup is. On Twitter, @AChVoice hosts a blog link submission page, in which a chronic illness blogger writes about at least three of the topics for that month. The goal is to meet other chronically ill people and look at each other’s blog. Basically to connect more in the community. It is also a great way for you all to get to know more about me and how I have been doing. Okay, without further ado, let’s get started!


As we come into may, it is nice to get things in order. April was an extremely hectic month for me, health and blog wise. I have been in a flare for three and a half weeks now and am just starting to finally come out of it! My body has been very tired as of late, due to a variety of things. It shocks me that we are almost at the midway point in the year. This blog has taken up much of my time and it has been very pleasant to have something to distract from the pain. For me, it is weird to think that I only started this blog at the end of February. It feels like a lifetime already! Through my adventures, I have met so many kind people that I am honored to call good friends. I think I have more friends now, than I have ever had in my entire life.

I also am looking back to the beginning of this blog. Even in April, I was uncertain that I was making a difference. However, my posts are being shared and I was nominated for the Disability Blogger’s Award. I am starting to see my life changing and it is a bit scary, but also freeing. I do not feel stuck behind the veil of not being able to do things. My efforts to support others has ended up in supporting myself. I remember the intense anxiety I had last month about growing my blog and reaching more people. Now, I find that people have found it on their own. I no longer worry about the small stuff, because I can see that I am making a difference.


The reason that I have been in such a huge flare recently is because of my Hereditary Lymphedema, which I talk about here. I have been taking the time to truly investigate what foods/clothing/medicine/movement are affecting it. Also, I increased the dose of the amphetamine that I am on. This has been a very excruciatingly painful process, but one that has taken extreme precision on my part to know when to switch. My body is very sensitive to amphetamines because of my blocked lymphatic system and my anxiety. So, I have had to be diligent and work hard to find the right dose to taper up to. My goal amount is 5 mg and I am currently at 3/4ths of that dose. So, I would say that it is going along slowly, but surely.


The way that I have been boosting my treatment recently is by going to my Lymphatic Massages. Insurance was being a “bit” of a butt and would not approve my massages. However, we finally have been able to get them scheduled weekly and approved as well. This has helped my overall swelling, along with what I call my ‘Vibration Station’. It is a vibrating platform that helps break up and move the lymph around. I have noticed a lot of improvement in the amount of swelling that I have, which decreases how much pain I am in. My clothes have been looser, physically showing me that I am losing that swelling based weight.


I have been making many friends lately on my blog’s social media accounts. It has been very rewarding for me to know that I will wake up with messages on my phone from people who care. The funny part is, we seem to have many things in common. For example, a lot of my friends also like watching Medical Documentaries. Maybe it has something to do with learning more information about medical systems without having to live it yourself. Either way, it is a fun thing to watch. I enjoy having the ability to talk to a variety of different people from around the world. It gives great perspective and the ability to comfort others in their time of need.


I have revived my love of reading lately. With being so busy on my blog, I have not had the time to read before bed at night. However, I have made it a point now to read part most every night. Since my blog is not taking up 100% of my time anymore, it is fun to get sucked into the different worlds. I love to be able to travel across the world from the comfort of my couch/bed. Also, I have started to go to the movie theater again. It has been difficult with being flared and working on my blog, but I have seen several movies lately. The last movie I saw in theater was the Avengers: Endgame. My movie theater has one special theater where all the seats are recliners. So, we always try to wait and see a movie there to make it easier on my POTS.

May’s prompts were really good! They made me sit down and think about what is going on in my life, instead of continuously looking ahead. This linkup has been a good resource for me and I hope to continue participating in them for the foreseeable future. Do you have any questions? Thanks for reading today’s post! Please subscribe for more and I’ll see you next time my Un-imaginables!


Original Photo by will klinzman on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “Chronic Illness Linkup: May Edition

  1. Welcome again Jordyn,

    I do hope your start of May has been a good and productive one for you!

    I am so glad to hear that your work on your blog is going well for you and hope for the continued success for the future, and I hope that you see continued improvements with the treatments and symptoms.

    All the best

    Rhiann x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rhiann!

      May has been very productive for me! I am so glad to have been given the chance to get to know you. You are an amazing person and one who has supported my blog since it’s begginings! I wish all the same for you and hope that we can continue to grow together as friends πŸ€—

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  2. It seems like investigating plays a big part of life for all of us with chronic illness. I hope you’re able to figure out dosing and what contributes to your symptoms!
    I’m also going to try a theater with recliners for the first time, to see if that helps my Dysautonomia. Endgame, here I come!

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  3. Wow, I’ve never heard of this link up. It sounds interesting, I’d love to take part in future. Congratulations on the award too, I’ve also never heard of it until now… I’ve not known many people online with chronic illnesses and disabilities before. I hope you are doing ok now and that the flareup won’t bother you again, at least not for a long time. Take care ❀️😊

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  4. Hi! Congratulations on the growth of your blog and on your nomination for the Disability Blogger Award! And I’m glad you’re coming out of your flare – they’re horrible!
    This was a really interesting post to read. I too love reading, but my conditions make that impossible at the moment. It’s good to hear that you’re back doing that again, though, and that you’ve managed to find time to!
    Georgina from Chronillicles πŸ’™

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