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I wanted to introduce everyone to the newest company that is going up on ‘My Top Related Causes‘ page. The opportunity was presented to me to work with AWARE causes recently. Pierson Williams, the founder of the company, came up with the idea of creating a necklace to raise awareness for mental health. This was because of the way he was exposed to the topic as a child. His mom battles with depression and as a kid, mental health was something normal to talk about and deal with. However, when he grew up, Pierson was astounded to find out that not many people knew of or talked openly about mental health. In his own words, “When I grew up I found out depression could lead to suicide and I couldn’t believe the small things I did as a kid really made a difference in my mom’s daily battle.”

Pierson decided to do something about it. His goal was that in raising awareness for mental health conditions, it would help out people who have those conditions. He started AWARE causes, a necklace with the goal to raise awareness for mental health. AWARE stands for ‘A Way to Act and Remember Everyday’. This initial white necklace he made was a huge success. Pierson was able to talk very frequently about mental health, with his necklace as a conversation starter. His original goal took an unexpected turn when people began to ask if he had necklaces for other conditions.

People were asking about necklaces for chronic diseases, rare diseases, cancers, and much more. Things that Pierson himself had never even heard of. In response to the demand, he said, “Actually I only have this white one for mental health, but if I’ve never heard of these causes before I’m sure it needs more awareness also.” So Pierson got to work and made necklaces matching the corresponding diseases’ ribbons. People were now able to have an outlet to raise awareness for their cause, just like Pierson was for his.


The reason I was able to get involved with Pierson and his company, is because he reached out to me on Instagram. He wanted to share my story, like he has done with countless others and their necklaces of choice. Ironically, I was messaging the company’s Facebook page at the same time, because a friend showed me their recent story feature. I wanted to be a part of this great organization and to share it with you all. So as I am sharing his amazing story, Pierson will be sharing mine. A great way to continue to expand the awareness of the chronic illness, mental health, and disability communities!

The necklaces so far come in 12 different colors/patterns, including a zebra pattern for all my fellow zebras out there. You also have the choice of getting the necklace in 14K gold plated or silver chaining. It is adjustable as well, ranging from 18 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. 10% of the funds from the purchase will be donated to a charity based on the cause that you picked. A necklace costs $45 and can have two characters engraved on the back as well. AWARE causes ships internationally and within the United States.

To find out more about these amazing necklaces, you can go to their website, visit their Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter account, call them at (818)-448-0071, or email them at You can also check out Pierson’s Instagram page here.

Thank you for reading this article today! What do you think about these cool necklaces? Please subscribe and I’ll see you next time my Un-imaginables!

Sources: Photos courtesy of AWARE causes.

2 thoughts on “AWARE Necklaces

  1. Wow! What a great “circle” of coincidences you’ve become involved with! Really interesting — looking forward to hearing more. By the way, I really like your photo with your necklace. You are besutiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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