BearHugs Hug-in-a-Box Gifts


I wanted to introduce you all to a new company that will be going on the “My Top Related Causes” page. BearHugs is a company that sends out gift boxes for a wide variety of purposes such as movie night, a new baby, pamper yourself, and more. Some common items that you can find in a BearHugs box is fuzzy socks, mugs, tea, and journals. Bearhugs boxes are even personalizable and come in three different sizes. If you choose this option, you will be able to choose what items go in the box as well. A smaller box starts at about 5 Euros (5.66 USD). Shipping locally in the U.K costs 2.99-3.99 Euros. Internationally, shipping is 8.99-19.99 Euros (10.17 USD-22.62 USD) based on location and weight. They deliver internationally now to Ireland, Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

I really want to tell you about the person behind BearHugs. Her name is Faye and in 2013, she had to quit her job as a Speech and Language Therapist because she became so ill. Faye found herself housebound, dizzy, and exhausted. Which she later found out was due to Lyme disease. A beautiful friend had sent a care package to Faye, which sparked an idea. While she could not act on this idea for a while, it was the idea that became BearHugs. She says being housebound, anything that comes through the mail has much more significance, to which I can attest.

hug11As Faye got more mobile, she was able to contact an organization to help her turn her idea into an actual business. Then BearHugs was born. Her business has grown enough for her to need to hire employees and find an actual office space. Faye also is heavily involved in charity. For every 50 boxes or hugs they sell, one is sent to someone with a serious illness. They are partnered with Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, Post Pals, Project Parent, and Friend Finder. Click the links to find out more about each charity.

Another amazing thing that BearHugs does is provide an accessible working environment. Faye is also encouraging and advocating to other businesses to do the same thing. She wants equal opportunities for everyone, because it is something that she struggled with after she became chronically ill. The flexibility that she offers at BearHugs for her employees comes out of a place of knowledge and understanding. The company has even been given the label of being a Disability Confident Employer in the United Kingdom.

I wanted to highlight Faye and her company BearHugs today, because it is such an inspirational story for everyone. She took her struggle with Lyme disease and turned it into something that is helping many people. I’ve seen that there are many people who follow me who do not directly have a chronic illness, but maybe you know someone who does. I want to give everyone the opportunity to know about what BearHugs is doing. Why don’t you go check them out? Their website is

To contact BearHugs you can call them at 0114 312 2265 from their business hours of Monday-Friday 9.00 – 15.00 (9am-3pm). Their email is You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. For those of you in the U.K, they are located at Unit 1, 18 Stalker Walk, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8NF.

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