When Anxiety and Excitement Collide


Isn’t it just great when you get some exciting news, but it throws you into a panic attack? Ahh, while I just sit here sipping my non-existent cup of coffee, I’m just appreciating my deep love for anxiety. In case that wasn’t clear, that was sarcasm. Now, I know how to deal with the times I’m so overwhelmed by a “danger” that I get thrown into a panic attack. I have years of experience with it and I know how to talk to myself to be able to calm down. How about when that is not the situation?

Let’s look into why excitement can cause this for my fellow anxiety sufferers. Anxiety and excitement both have symptoms that they share. For example, the familiar adrenaline rush, hyperventilation, excess energy, an increase in heart rate, sweating, nausea, and shaking can occur. If you are a person who has experienced anxiety or panic attacks in the past, you will most likely connect these feelings with another attack. It is natural for the human brain to evaluate an experience based on past experiences, it’s how we make decisions after all.

Why can’t our brains recognize the difference? I know as a child growing up with anxiety, anything exciting made me anxious. Since I have anxiety disorders, over the crucial developmental years, my brain learned to associate these “excitement” feelings to be signs of anxiety. It is essentially a habit, but more importantly an anxious brain. You know what? That is 100% okay. It is not fun to have anxiety when you are excited, but you now know that you are not, “working yourself up”. Oh, my favorite phrase, not.

How are we going to cope during these times? They are unavoidable and often we are unable to see when “excitement” is going to come. We need to take a different approach. I’ve found that secluding myself and trying to work through the problem in my mind doesn’t work like it would for anxiety. I have found distraction to be a very effective tool. There is no problem for your brain to work out, but it needs time to figure it out for itself. I like coming and working on my blog, playing computer games, chatting with friends, or generally just anything to completely occupy my mind. Another good idea would be to take a run or to do something to release that extra energy.

Living life with anxiety is hard. There is no getting around that. You can have all the medicine in the world, but your brain still requires “reprogramming” essentially. If you can talk to yourself when you are truly anxious, then you can explore ways for you to deal with excitement anxiety. I’m not saying it will be easy by any means. What I am saying is that I’m offering my hand out to you. I’m here to help you. I am a fellow worrier warrior. You can ask me anything, please remember that.

Thanks for reading my article today guys! Do you have any other tools that you use for dealing with excitement anxiety? Stay tuned to hear what mine was about today. It is a pretty big deal. Please subscribe for more great content and I’ll see you next time my Un-imaginables!

Sources: “Why Do I Have Anxiety When I Am Excited?” Anxiety and Recovery, 13 Aug. 2018, anxietyandrecovery.com/why-do-i-have-anxiety-when-i-am-excited/. Original picture Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

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