My Life Is Not A Movie


There have been several movies that have come out in the recent years that highlight an illness in some way. The problem is, that it is a movie. If I am honest, nobody wants to go to the movies and watch scenes where I have broken down, am feeling suicidal because of the pain that nobody knows how to treat, and the countless days I just spend on the couch. I get that, but that is the reality of my chronic illnesses. I have never found true love or a best friend because of being in the hospital. These movies only like to portray the whimsical drama, not the heartache of reality.

Chronic illness is not beautiful in it of itself, but we warriors choose to make it so. When a movie glosses over or simply skips many important factors of living with a chronic illness, it is insulting. It personally hurts me, because you are changing my reality into something that doesn’t exist. Fiction. For many people, this is the only awareness they will receive about living with a chronic illness. So when my life is portrayed as “not that bad” or maybe even a bit charming, what kind of message does that send?

I appreciate the awareness these movies do bring to certain conditions, but it is never enough. They warp our stories into something that is “acceptable” for the public. This is why advocacy for chronic illness is so important. We advocate for the gross, daily, necessities that most people don’t necessarily want to bring to light. For example, the change of clothes many of us have to bring for potential messes, the bulky and uncomfortable medical products we use, and the stares we get out in public. Movies like these make it seem like we are not trying hard enough.

If it were my choice, I would make these movies realistic. I would show the brutal realities, but also the amazing triumphs. I want to see a feature that is honest and celebrated for its beauty. They shouldn’t be afraid to show the lows, because with lows, also come many amazing highs. I want to be able to see a movie that I can completely relate to, that has an ending that isn’t perfect. Let’s be real here, if I wanted to see a fun fiction, I would go and watch a fictitious film. Just know, you cannot make chronic illness fake, because it is ever so real.

I want to make it clear that these movies are not something that I am boycotting, but it is my personal preference to not view them. I have chosen to live my life with honesty and to be true with what I deal with. Thank you for reading this article and the important issues that it highlights. Do you have any other views on this issue? Please subscribe for more great content and I’ll see you next time, my Un-imaginables!

Sources: Original picture Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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