Amusement Park Rides Banning Disabled People

theme park

My favorite thing to do on a hot sunny day was to go to an amusment park. I’m pretty sure most everyone enjoys these types of parks because of all the variety of fun they bring. The food, live shows, games, and shops are all exciting to go to. However, the best part for me was the rides. Any type of ride I loved, yet I lost a big amount of love for these parks today. While I cannot go to these amusement parks anymore due to my disabilities, many other people with disabilities can go. Yet more and more of these people are being turned away and banned from going on these rides just because they are disabled. Continue reading

Sensory Overload: Is it Chronic Illness?


Sensory overload. For many people, if asked, they would associate the phrase sensory overload with autism. The condition is much less associated from being chronically ill, specifically by having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. Today, I am going to talk about sensory overload from the viewpoint of chronic illness, since that is why I have it. So, what even is sensory overload? Continue reading

April’s Chronic Illness Linkup

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I found a cool gathering or linkup that happens every month on Twitter for Chronic Illness. It is hosted by ‘A Chronic Voice’ as far as I can tell, and connects chronic illness bloggers to have them write on five different topics for that month. You write about the different topics on your blog and then link the post to the running list. This could also be a great way for you all to get to know more about me. The linkup starts at the beginning of each month and ends at midnight Sidney time on the last day of the month. I thought it would be an interesting thing to try out! So here is April’s Linkup. Continue reading

Why We Need Genetic Research: Importance (Part 2)


Welcome to Part two of “Why We Need Genetic Research”! If you did not read the last installment of this series, we looked into Gregor Mendel and how the history of researching genetics was born. You can read that post here. Today, we will be discussing why genetic research is important. Continue reading

BearHugs Hug-in-a-Box Gifts


I wanted to introduce you all to a new company that will be going on the “My Top Related Causes” page. BearHugs is a company that sends out gift boxes for a wide variety of purposes such as movie night, a new baby, pamper yourself, and more. Some common items that you can find in a BearHugs box is fuzzy socks, mugs, tea, and journals. Bearhugs boxes are even personalizable and come in three different sizes. If you choose this option, you will be able to choose what items go in the box as well. Continue reading

Finding Our Beauty Within the Standards


I’ve just realized that I do not know how the word beauty is officially defined.¬† Merriam Webster’s describes it as the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. This is the first result that displays under the word beauty on their page. So beauty obviously is the qualities that “gives pleasure” to someone else. What I find interesting however, is the attention that this description gives to the mental and spiritual aspect of beauty. Continue reading

Throwing Failure to the Curb


Failure. The mention of the word gives me chills down the spine. Why are we so afraid of failure? The psychological impacts of failure are driven deep down into our memories, where we can remember times that we failed from a very early age. Continue reading

Chronically Cute Cards


I was on Twitter several days ago when I came across something awesome. There is someone who is making handmade and personalized cards to send out to others with disabilities. I had to check it out! Continue reading

Virginia’s Making Big Strides for Mental Health


On Monday, the 18th of March, Virginia completed a bill put in action by previous Gov. Terry McAuliffe to make all Community Health Services provide same day access for mental health. There are 40 locations in total that are publicly funded and offer this same day service for adults and children alike. Continue reading

Evie’s Law Continues the Fight for Discrimination-Free Organ Transplants


Did you know that adults and children alike all over the United States are being denied eligibility for organ transplants? Was it because they couldn’t pay for it, insurance didn’t cover it, or they didn’t meet the requirements? No, these beautiful people are being denied because they have disabilities. They have disabilities such as Down Syndrome and Autism. Doctors have been deciding that these people didn’t have enough quality of life to be worth providing an organ transplant to. Continue reading

Inspecting the Motive for Pain


Pain. Burning pain. Stabbing Pain. Aching pain. Whatever the pain, it is usually a very common symptom of a chronic illness. In fact, I am in pain as I am writing this right now. Why do some people seem to experience extremely high levels of pain, while others do not? What if I told you that there are some people out there who cannot even experience pain. Continue reading

Shattering the Self Pity Cycle


How can you break the cycle of self pity?¬†Based on one of my recent articles, “The Black Hole Called Self Pity”, I have received feedback from viewers wanting help in knowing how to stop this vicious cycle. It is a difficult thing to realize that you have gotten caught up in focusing on your troubles. Continue reading

Why We Need Genetic Research: History (Part 1)

narly dude

We are going to explore the importance of genetic research in this series. Many diseases are genetically inherited or formed from faulty genes. I have a special interest in the field of genetic research as several of my diagnoses are genetically based. Continue reading

The Black Hole Called Self Pity


There are not many things that are stronger than the bond that we in the chronic illness community have. Everyone deals with different conditions in different situations, but there are so many resources available to help every person. The thing is, you have to want to help yourself. Self pity is the Achilles Heel of chronic illness. It will never help you to accomplish anything. Continue reading

When Anxiety and Excitement Collide


Isn’t it just great when you get some exciting news, but it throws you into a panic attack? Ahh, while I just sit here sipping my non-existent cup of coffee, I’m just appreciating my deep love for anxiety. In case that wasn’t clear, that was sarcasm. Continue reading

My Life Is Not A Movie


There have been several movies that have come out in the recent years that highlight an illness in some way. The problem is, that it is a movie. If I am honest, nobody wants to go to the movies and watch scenes where I have broken down, am feeling suicidal because of the pain that nobody knows how to treat, and the countless days I just spend on the couch. Continue reading